Emergency on Planet Sport

Episode 7: The Olympic-Sized Question

Episode Summary

Radical proposals for the Greatest Show on Earth.

Episode Notes

If the Covid-19 pandemic has taught us anything, it's the need to adapt.  Our lives have changed; the way we live our lives  has changed.  So why is our response to the climate emergency not the same?  The longer term impacts are, potentially, much worse. Perhaps the threat doesn't feel so immediate or dramatic.  So maybe we need to bring some of that adaptability to our thinking in the way sport is organised.  We talk about major events, in particular the Olympic Games, with a leading athlete, rower Melissa Wilson, and a too coach, Triathlon's Ben Bright.  Is it time to get radical?  Professor John Rennie Short thinks so. You'll hear some ideas which maybe don't appear so drastic as they may have done 12 months ago. But do you agree with them?   

"Dare we be radical?..."

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