Emergency on Planet Sport

Episode 8: The Solutions/The Future

Episode Summary

We can all learn from Dale Vince's green, vegan and wooden future.

Episode Notes

The season finale looks at the potential future for sport as we know it, in these uncertain times, with positive solutions, ideas and best practice.  It's all about connections and adapting and  Sport Positive's Claire Poole is the perfect guest. She talks about her work with the Sport Positive Summit and outlines the United Nations Sport for Climate Action Framework.  One of the signatories is English Football League club Forest Green Rovers and their Chairman - eco entrepreneur Dale Vince - joins the pod to talk about his work in transforming the club into the greenest in the world.  What can we learn? What more can we do? How might the future of sport look in 20 years time?  This is about all of us, it's for all of us and it's on all of us.  

"Connect, adjust, step up, adapt..."

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